Sunday, December 25, 2011

Stephen Colbert's South Carolina Serious Classy Republican Debate

Just posting this in case you haven't heard already. In response to Donald Trump announcing he was going to moderate a debate, Comedian Stephen T Colbert declared he would have a "serious classy republican debate" as well. Now that Trump has announced that he won't be moderating, Colbert is picking up the slack. Currently, he has two Networks vying to host his debate, Nat Geo Wild and Animal Planet. Nat Geo Wild would have Colbert hosting with Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisper. They're also pulling out their lion humping footage to show their seriousness. However, Animal Planet proclaimed that they would rename their channel to "Colbert Planet" during the debate. Colbert still hasn't chosen a date and the show is in hiatus for the holidays. Whatever channel and date Colbert chooses, this is going to be a truly primal classy debate.


  1. Hahah! I love that man. Perfect response to the silliness going on in the GOP.